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Why another hex editor?
This is perhaps the hardest question. It all started as a small experiment with mmap() and ncurses library, but then I wanted to add interesting features and try some ideas and this is the result. :)

I don't have mmap() on my system. What should I do?
No problem, just remove -DHAVE_MMAP from the Makefile. This way heme will use read() system call which is present on every unix system. You should also do this if you compiled heme with mmap enabled and you're experiencing problems.

My linker complains that it can't find -lcurses. What's the problem?
You should try to link with ncurses library, then. Change the Makefile so that LDFLAGS=-lncurses. On some systems with ncurses library, there is a symbolic link 'libcurses.so -> libncurses.so'.

Why don't you use autoconf/automake?
If I included autoconf and automake in the source distribution, the size of the source distribution would increase about five times! Besides, I think this project is so small that nearly all portability problems can be solved easily.